Smile it's the Disderi Robot 3


I’m new to this lomography lark catching the bug when my brother gave me a loan of his Diana Mini. I started to look at the cameras on offer and fell for the Disderi Robot 3. Something about that cheeky wee face mad me have to buy him.

When I received it I couldn’t believe just how plastic it was so just put in a poundshop cheap 35mm colour film.

Like other users I’ve realised there is no point in using the viewfinder, just point and shoot. Yes it is meant to make that worrying whirring noise as it takes the photo and you have to wind on but hey go with it. I was very happy with the results. Fuzzy around the edges and (as I now know) made for movement.
Just remember to warn your local film processor that there will be three images per photo.

escrito por frayededges en 2012-07-20

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  1. adash
    adash ·

    Cool review, but wold be even better if you included some action shots, and a photo of the camera itself. Does it have an MX switch, BTW?

  2. frayededges
    frayededges ·

    Hi Adash, my laptop was playing up so could just do a basic entry. Cheers for ypur comment, when i bought the camera i really didnt have a clue what to expect so my shots arent very exciting. Now i know a bit more anout it ill see if i can get some avtion shots.
    Will also rectify with a picture of the camera soon as it is cute.
    Not sure what MX is; this camera just let's you load the film, you press the button & wind on manually. Does that help?