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New photos for my article: Lift Your Soles Up and Smile...Underwater!

This is time to update my articles dedicated to body parts (feed, hands, eyes). Here you can see new wonderful photos of smiling people with their feet lifted up... undervater! Enjoy!

Winter is incoming. So, this is time to remember our wonderful summer. Enjoy these photos taken underwater. And if you go to swim, take with you your preferred camera, lift your soles up, smile, and take a photo! Here the link to the original article – Enjoy!

Lift your soles up… and kiss!

Photo by daby

She is smiling, I’m sure!

Swim and have fun!

I love to swim! So I love these photos!

Like a mermaid!

Have fun together!

New photos will be added in the next weeks! Stay tuned!

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    Great selection

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    Cool! ;-D

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    Thanks! : )

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    To be honest, I didn't look at the feet so much ;-)

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  6. lonur


    wow! pretty meticulous research, sirio!

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    nice one

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    these photos are fantastic! congrats :)
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    hihi thanks @sirio174 :)

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