Goudemalion - Jean Paul Goude in Retrospect


Until the 18th of March 2012, Les Arts Decoratifs is presenting the first retrospective exhibition of Jean-Paul Goude in Paris.

© Jean-Paul Goude via la lettre de la photographie

The exhibition looks back at the insurmountable image maker’s work ranging from fashion to photography, advertising and the performing arts.

© Jean-Paul Goude via la lettre de la photographie

Precursor, image manipulator, in turn illustrator, art director, photographer and filmmaker, Jean-Paul Goude is above all a creator who invented a style, a universe. The exhibition presents, in a journey of intimate spaces and dramatic sequences: drawings, objects and images, spanning a career of over 40 years. The show is divided into six, with ‘themes’ including the Galeries Lafayette, Chanel and Grace Jones.

© Jean-Paul Goude via la lettre de la photographie

Grace Jones and Jean Paul Goude were and still are, often synonymous with each other. Jones being Goude’s muse whilst Goude being the man who shaped her image. Incessantly, he photographed, painted and twisted her and her images into arabesques in line with his fantasies of the female form.

© Jean-Paul Goude via la lettre de la photographie

At around the same time, he began to apply the principles of so called French Correction to photography. The French Correction or “short guide to highlight”, was his ironic approach to magnifying the body with all kinds of prostheses which redrew the body by lengthening legs and neck, spreading shoulders, breasts and reshaping buttocks. This transformed Goude into a surgeon artist of sorts.

© Jean-Paul Goude via la lettre de la photographie

Goudemalion. Une rétrospective is open from November 11 to March 18, 2012 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs,107, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Source/further info: les arts deoratifs

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