The Lomography Questionnaire with Gabriel da Silva

Today, our questionnaire is answered by a Brazilian illustrator living in Madrid: Gabriel da Silva. Read his answers and certainly, you’re going to see the letters in the colors of his fantastic drawings.

Name: Gabriel da Silva
Field: Ilustration

1. Describe your first memory as it was a photography.

I think it was when I fell trying to climb the iron structure of a swing that was near my house.

2. A quality you would like to have?

To control the time.

3. Of whom or what did you first fall in love?

With an old skateboard which was a present from my father, the first Christmas I have memories of.

4. What would get rid from the world in an instant?


5. Which historical period would you haved loved to live at?

It’s funny, a couple of years ago I certainly would have said some cool time, where art had higher value and all that… But I really love living nowadays, because everything is changing at breakneck speed, and nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, and that requires your effort to get ahead, to reinvent. There are some things going on today that we may not see, but it will be a time when this is going to be studied; this phenomenon which nowadays we don’t know what is, will be studied.

6. If you could hang around someone’s neck as a camera, who would it be?

Sebastião Salgado, a great Brasilian photographer who takes very very good picture of nature.

7. Where is your secret garden, where you can always escape to?

Despite having a kind of study at home, where certainly I’m more isolated and concentrated, I love to spend my time painting at the living room with my girlfriend next to me criticising, giving her opinion, etc… I love noise, I think it helps me a lot in creating.

8. What famous person (living or dead) would you like to have a drink?

With Socrates!

9. If you suddenly lost your sight, which picture would you like to get record on your retina?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a blank wall, because I could imagine anything. A particular picture would get me bored.

10. Who is your hero, in real life or in fiction?

My mother, she has survived more things that many super heroes out there.

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