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It may seem a cliché, but ... what can be said of this famous city, full of history and stories, that is among the most visited places in Europe and even across the world?

All the photographs that we know, for years and years, have been taken by people from all over the world (notably the Czech photographers themselves, as Sudek, among others). All of them have been presented Praha as a city of magic and mystery.

The Jewish quarter itself, highlights the sad memory of his history, sad history. The legends of their people as well (for example, those of Jan Neruda) also give a special charm to the city. The first days of December, according to tradition, St. Nicholas (Anyone sounds?), goes to the homes of children, accompanied by an angel and a devil, as the child has behaved well or badly.

As in all places, we like the “bad” and that there are “demons” everywhere: cafes, dolls, costumes… It is a city that does not change their habits, but is enriched with everything new. A great world to us the lomographers! But not everything in the Czech Republic is Prague, so I recommend you catch the train (it’s very cheap and modern!), and go to any destination, any city or town, which for large or small, will have its charm and unforgettable corners. I´m sure !!!

escrito por jaalvarez

5 comentarios

  1. eyecon


    It´s been a long time I´ve been there but I also remember it was really nice nice! Maybe I should come back for another visit.....

    Hace más de 5 años · marcar como spam
  2. panelomo


    good place to take lomo shots!

    Hace más de 5 años · marcar como spam
  3. stouf


    Crazy place !

    Hace más de 5 años · marcar como spam
  4. nural


    Lomographer Was Here! Nural

    Hace casi 5 años · marcar como spam
  5. guinastrapazi


    damn.. now i'm happy =) i'm going there in september!! :)
    (great article btw)

    Hace más de 2 años · marcar como spam

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