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333A Keahole Street, Honolulu, United States
Website: www.costco.com
Phone: (808) 396-5538

  • Revela película 35mm
  • Revela película en E6
  • Revela película en C41

The one and only I've ever gone to and probably the only one that I will go to as long as I live on Oahu!

Costco is mainly a warehouse for grocery shopping in bulk. However, they have a photo lab on the side that develop 35mm film (they only have C-41 chemicals) and prints. I go there at least once a week and the people who work there are awesome! They’re all really nice and know me because I’m always there.

There’s only a couple of things that I don’t like, though. For one, they don’t develop 120 film because they use machines made for 35mm film. And two, you have to have a membership card to pay for everything, so I always have to go with my parents.

But aside from that, their prices are amazing, and they cross process at no extra cost!

Developing fee (per roll): $1.59
Printing fee (per photo): $0.10
Re-prints (per photo): $0.13

I’m quite sure that their prices are unbeatable!

8 comentarios

  1. msrosa

    Aloha, I just got a Diana mini and wanted to know if u know if Costco prints half shots or just full frame shots? I went to Longs in Kaimuki and they would only print my film in 4 x 6 size. Mahalos for the information. Have a great day :)
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  2. uneak


    Woah! woah! woah! Costco cross processes?!?!?! please explain, thanks(:

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  3. mistaholo


    May I ask, did you buy your camera from this site or is their a local store in Oahu? I live in Hawaii and I'm having problems trying to buy a Diana F+ but somehow it doesn't let me go through. Sorry if its off topic. But I need assistance.

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  4. neanderthalis


    Just want to let Hawaii People know that Long's does "develop only" for 99 cents a roll, 1 hour service. I used to use just Costco for color prints. Processing has been same quality as Costco.

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  5. dearjme


    @msrosa -- Costco prints the full frame prints (2 half frames on one). That's assuming that your photos are correctly aligned so they're not overlapping -- sometimes the techs at costco will get confused if your Diana Mini's shots overlap (in a panorama fashion). And some Longs in other locations print full frames, too.

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  6. dearjme


    @uneak -- This is the only costco in Hawaii that cross processes. Nat's just super lucky :P

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  7. dearjme


    @mistaholo - No local store for Lomography in Hawaii. The online Lomography store has had glitches in the past, hope you could've bought some since then!

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  8. dearjme


    @natalieerachel I just learned that costco hk does develop 120 film!!!! it depends who's working, though. the nice lady there said that only some of the workers let her do 120, but it takes at least a full day.

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