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8 Stepney Bank, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.digitalab.co.uk/
Phone: 01912323558

  • Revela película 35mm
  • Revela película en E6
  • Revela película en C41

Fantastic results from reasonably-priced lab who seem pretty much up for any type of Lomostyle development.

This lab delivers fantastic results on all types of film and are eager to accommodate any Lomo requests. They charge £4.05 for both C41 and E6 on 35mm film and £3.80 for both C41 and E6 on medium format film. They are willing to cross process anything for an extra £1.00 per roll. To scan the negatives to a CD, it is £3.10 for low res (which I get and is fine for uploading to websites and blogs) and £7.75 for medium res. I think these are fair prices and worth paying for the fantastic results. The only con is that it can take around five days to get films posted out (this may not be an issue for some).

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  1. tonysykes


    Thats nothing, jessops took nearly a month with my photos :/

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  2. jourdanlynch


    I refuse to go to Jessops, after agreeing to cross process my E6 (and looking at me like wtf), I went back 1 week later and it was processed as regular E6... -.-
    That's what I get for being too lazy to get on a bus to Byker and have Digital lab process them for me. :/

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  3. loulouteapot

    My 35mm film got stuck in my Diana, I took it to Jessops and they could not even get it out of the camera, I had to use there black box to get my film out !!, I left it with them as I was on a lunch break, when I rang to see how they were getting on with it, they had bkoke the sproket holes so could not develope it ! Gutted was not the word
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  4. ehmahh


    Does this place have a website?

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  5. dollymixture


    Here is their website http://www.digitalab.co.uk/

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  6. tonysykes


    Geez looking at their site the prices are good. cant believe how much ive been wasting both in time and money

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