Online Customer Service and General Office Support | 线上客服及办公室助理 (LOCATION: China Shanghai)

Online Customer Service and General Office Support

LOCATION: China Shanghai

We are looking for a committed, curious, motivated, and organized individual ready to join Lomography’s international team in Shanghai, China. The job is an excellent opportunity for someone who wishes to gain experience in online activities and get a glimpse of how trading works!

By assisting in a wide range of online tasks, you will learn a great deal, while receiving hands-on experience. You will mainly be working on online customer service tasks for the China online marketplace, but not exclusively, so there’s a great deal to learn. Also if you have a passion on trading and business, you will also gain some hands-on experience while helping out our wholesale task and other general tasks! Come see what’s it’s actually like to work for a growing company with immediate tie-ins into fashion, art and photography!

  • Customer service
  • Customer service for marketplace such as JD and other platforms later
  • Answering general product inquiries and other pre-sales questions
  • Answering all after purchase questions
  • Give tutorials to customers on our products
  • Order processing for online
  • Other backend support for online shops
  • F&A and wholesale support
  • Issuing fapiao for customers
  • Filing invoices and handling expense reports
  • Order processing
  • Other general admin work and office support
  • Typing speed: at least 60 Chinese characters per min
  • Computer skills include: Excel, Word,
  • Detail-oriented and efficient, punctual, articulate
  • Ability to work in a team and contribute to group goals, takes initiative, outgoing personality, extremely well organized and concise
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn
  • Knowledge in photography is a bonus
What We Offer
  • The opportunity to contribute to the Lomography legacy and to learn the essence of customer service
  • Test all the Lomography gear you ever dreamt of and more
  • Be part of a young, international team who loves to occasionally hang out after work
  • Be involved in different aspect of the company, so there’s never a dull moment
  • Part time (minimum 6 hours per day)
  • Hourly rate: RMB 25 per hour
  • Start date: Immediate

If you are looking for a young and dynamic organization and interested in a position where you can develop your skills and take over new responsibilities, apply now to join the Lomography Team by sending your application (CV, cover letter) to and please wait to be contacted by us.


地点: 中国上海,虹口区

我们正在寻找一位主动,积极和有责任感的人加入 Lomography 在中国上海的团队。对于希望获得线上客服及销售经验的人来说,这个工作是一个很好的机会,并且可以学习 B2B 的贸易是如何运作的!

通过协助不同的在线任务,你将学到很多东西,同时获得实践经验。 你将会主要从事不同线上市场的在线客户服务及后台运作。 此外,如果您对 B2B 贸易和业务充满热情,您还将获得一些实践经验,同时帮助我们完成 B2B 的任务!快来看看为一家正在成长中的公司工作的实际情况!

  • 客户服务
  • 在京东(以及其他平台)服务顾客
  • 回答一般产品查询和其他售前问题
  • 处理所有售后服务及问题
  • 提供教学教导顾客如何使用我们的产品
  • 订单处理
  • 其他后台支持
  • 财务,行政和贸易支援
  • 为客户准备发票
  • 归档整理
  • B2B 订单处理
  • 其他一般的行政工作
  • 打字速度:每分钟 60 个汉字以上
  • 电脑技能包括:Excel,Word
  • 注重细节,高效,守时,沟通能力强
  • 团队合作能力,主动,外向,组织性强,简洁
  • 积极的态度和意愿学习
  • 有客服相关经验优先(京东、天猫或任何电商)
  • 对摄影有热诚及基本认识优先
  • 有机会为 Lomography 文化做出贡献并学习客户服务的精神
  • 试用你梦寐以求的所有 Lomography 产品
  • 成为一个年轻的国际团队的一部分
  • 参与公司的不同方面,定不会让你觉得工作是沉闷!
  • 兼职 (周一至周五,每天最少 6 小时)
  • 工作开始日期:现在

如果您正在寻找一个充满活力的年轻组织,并且希望能够发展自己的技能并肩负起新的责任,那么立即申请加入 Lomography 团队,将您的申请(简历,求职信)发送到 及等待我们联系。