primera vez con lomochrome purple, no sé si me gusta. Lo que sí es seguro es que no es para retratos, el color que toma la piel es horrible.
first time with this film, i don't if i like it. What i do know is that this film is not good for portraits, the skin color looks awful.

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  1. kitija
    kitija ·

    nice shot!

  2. coca
    coca ·

    @kitija thanks :)

  3. seymaeminetamer
    seymaeminetamer ·

    İts wonderfull!! I was wondering if there Yashica mg -1 double exposure feature?

  4. coca
    coca ·

    @seymaeminetamer thanks!, doesn't have a double exposure feature, you have to take one photo, advance while pressing the rewind button and then take the second ;)

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