Boredom makes me try new (maybe not so exciting) photo stuff: sort-of-still life and first home-developed colour film

The idea was to use simple composition while focussing on different colours to see if I could get them straight in my first colour-processing attempt

Minolta X-700
Rather unexciting first home-devoloped colour test roll

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  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    I actually quite like this album.

  2. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    @alex34: Thank you so much! It's just random shots I did because I got bored today and needed a film fo try colour diy-processing...I wasn't really sure about them, but I'm happy you like them :)

  3. freelancer
    freelancer ·

    Hey, das sieht klasse aus! Ich hab mal eine frage, keine ahnung wie man(n) hier private nachrichten schreibt... Aber, wie hast du die temperatur beim entwickeln konstant gehalten? Ich will das jetzt auch machen, denn mittlerweile ruiniert mir dm bzw. das cewe-labor fast jede dritte filmrolle.
    greez marcus

  4. danbarry
    danbarry ·

    I think we can all agree, yes you got the colors pretty amazing. How do you keep the temperature constant and what chemicals do you use? Very good.

  5. earlybird
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  6. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Congrats on Photo of the Day!

  7. fruchtzwerg_hh
    fruchtzwerg_hh ·

    Yeah, Glückwunsch!!!

  8. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    Congratz on POTD !!!

  9. brommi
    brommi ·

    Glückwunsch :)

  10. ripsta
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  11. jeffr
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  12. jeffr
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  13. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    congrats on POTD (and on getting the DIY development right)!

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