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  1. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·


  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    @bloomchen my love for negative space:)

  3. roromiao
    roromiao ·


  4. jkhounlivong
    jkhounlivong ·


  5. sobetion
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  6. montagu
    montagu ·

    @sobetion I love negative space

  7. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    @montagu me too!

  8. se1
    se1 ·

    Absolutely superb photo, do you sell prints?

  9. montagu
    montagu ·

    @se1 Thank you! Yes I do sell prints, but not so much online yet. I aim at having one exhibition in Switzerland every year to showcase my newest work. And I sell those prints as well, in a series of 5 max.

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