«Painting Lessons» / «Уроки Живописи» (ver.1)

Photo from the series: «Observer»
Photo from the series «Moscow Walks»
Variations on a theme «...with a film across Moscow»
Camera: Sokol-2 and lens «Industar-70» (50mm ƒ2,8)
Film: Kodak Gold 100 / expired 03.2003 (as exhibited 50)
Photo taken: July 9, 2015
Scanning the original negative of the film + correction: changes in the level, contrast, and easy color correction. None of the noise reduction or other modification of images, do not apply.
Scanner: Epson perfection 4870 (4800 dpi; 3,8 D; 48 bit), function Digital Ice when scanning is disabled

The film for the period of delay (expired) in some places has undergone significant degradation, which significantly influenced the visual color and especially grain. Some footage I found interesting, and I could not just take them and throw.

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