«In memory of the victims of the bombing in World War II»

Photography: camera Konica C35 EFP on film Ilford HP5 ISO 400, Noritsu 2910 Scanner. Original, without any processing

Currently Khavskaya Square on the street is the only place in Moscow, built in the memory of its residents killed in the bombing in 1941.

In order to strengthen the approaches to Moscow on October 12 GKO decided to build directly in the metropolitan area of several lines of defense. The first was held at the District Railway, the second - on the Garden Ring. Work has begun on Wood Square, at the strategically important crossroads Mytnaya streets Arsenyev alley (street Pavel Andreev) and Khavskaya street on the site of the present park.
According to newspaper reports of the mean time, we can conclude that the peak of aircraft bombing occurred on October 20-26. It was during this terrible week, and there was a tragedy in the Wood area. Small bomboubezhishe near the house on the 50th and Mytnaya street was crowded and many people in that tragic anxiety hid in trenches. They all died as a result of a direct hit by a powerful fascist bomb. Bomb fell 15-20 meters to the north-west of the place where the monument. The explosion was so strong that within a radius of 100-150 m affected houses and structures.
The dead are not buried. Their number is not known - "killed many women, old people and children," called the 128 number.
After the war, on the scene at the request of relatives was built Square. Participate actively in the group took the polar explorers headed by Yevgeny Ivanovich Teleshov, who lived in the buildings house 23 to Mytnaya Street.
Relatives of one of them were the victims of this tragedy, so the creation of the park in memory to Khavskaya street was given special attention. In 1965, the project Glavmosarhitektury in the park was established sculpture made L.D.Muravinym. <a href="um.mos.ru/contest/monuments/works/10204/" rel="nofollow">um.mos.ru/contest/monuments/works/10204/</a>

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