Hippie Day 2020 in Moscow

Annual hippie day in Tsaritsyno Park on Bolshaya Polyana, near Lonely Pine, this year was shifted by a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic (in fact, it was held twice: «underground» on June 1 and «open to all» on July 1).
Camera: Canon EOS 5
Lens: Canon Zoom Lens EF 70-210 mm
Film: Fujicolor Negative Film F-64D (ISO 64 at 50)
Photo taken: 01/07/2020
Scanner: Noritsu HS-1800

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  1. abbsound
    abbsound ·

    A small historical reference about the hippie day in the USSR, how about why, and when everything was born, here is a quote from the Kommersant newspaper
    “An attempt by a third-party journalist to write about modern Russian hippies is obviously doomed to failure. Sites are blocked, most forums do not work, phones do not respond. The door to this world is still closed. And you have to knock for a long time to look at least in the crack. Myths remain missing. Flower children, the great 60s, California dream, fak, drag, hitchhiking - all these bikes full of vigorous optimism are nothing more than a version for outsiders. To verify the existence of hippies, you must come to Tsaritsyno on June 1. Every year, the whole Moscow party gathers there under a large lonely pine, which for some reason everyone calls an oak. This is a gesture of memory. So hippies pay tribute to the events and victims of forty years ago.
    In 1971, there were about a thousand hippies in Moscow. At least that's what they thought in the Soviet regulatory authorities. People gathered at the points - a “psychodrome” near the old building of Moscow State University, a “square” near Yuri Dolgoruky, a “cannon” at the Pushkin monument, a “pipe” in the underground passage through Peshkov Street at Telegraph.
    On Friday, May 28, 1971, people in civilian clothes went to the points and, honestly showing the KGB identification cards to the hippies, they suggested holding an action against the Vietnam War in front of the American embassy. People explained that smart people in power saw them as a powerful young force and asked for help in the fight against the world's evil. People, who were mostly green pioneers, felt like a hero and cheerfully agreed. We agreed that on June 1, all hippies in Moscow will gather at points with anti-war posters, and people in civilian clothes will provide transport and organization. On June 1, in the morning, a neat people with pacifics was in place. The buses arrived, and the hippies entered them trustingly. After that, the entire Moscow underground went to the cops.
    People recorded them by name in an office book, on the cover of which was written in large letters "HIPI". The power methodically and consistently broke life for everyone on this list. Even accidentally caught in the distribution, who managed to get out in June, suffered in the fall, when there was an active sweep of Moscow before Nixon's visit. Of the 500 detainees, about half went to serve at the Chinese border. About a hundred were taken away to the nuthouse. Several dozen were jailed on various charges. Two died in the army. Two are in the psych ward. Two hanged themselves. The survivors, without exception, ended up on the street with wolf tickets. This was supposed to be the end of the history of the Russian System. But it is not over. "
    Read the full text here (russian text) copyright - www.kommersant.ru/doc/2388132

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