«Lomographic cat» / «Ломографический котейка»

No, this is not the post-processing. This photo is almost without any processing, is not subjected to correction, I just three stops, raised exposure.
This fun effect gave overdue (more than ten years) Kodak Gold 100 film, plus the subject is in the shade, and it was dark, even for conventional film, and only for overdue - even more so.
Dark, very grainy picture, wrong colors - surprisingly I liked it precisely because of its wrong, abnormality. I left the colors, shadows, grain - as it is, but make it lighter (raising exposure) and slightly (very slightly) added contrast.

Photo from the series «Moscow Walks»
Variations on a theme «...with a film across Moscow»
Camera: Sokol-2 and lens «Industar-70» (50mm ƒ2,8)
Film: Kodak Gold 100 / expired 03.2003 (as exhibited 50)
Photo taken: July 9, 2015
Scanned copy of the original negative + minimal changes in the exposure and contrast (photo editor LightRoom 5).
Scanner: Epson perfection 4870 (4800 dpi; 3,8 D; 48 bit), function Digital Ice when scanning is disabled

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