Donskoy Monastery. Necropolis

Fragment of high relief "Melchizedek meets Abraham with the kings captured by him"
Sculptor: Alexander Vasilievich Loganovsky
In the frame there is a fragment: from the lower angle Melchizedek - the king of Salem, the priest of the Most High in Shalem during the time of the patriarch Abraham.
These are genuine high reliefs from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior by A.V. Loganovsky (1847-1849) preserved and rescued in the Donskoy Monastery during the Soviet era.
June 23, 2020
Camera: Canon Prima Zoom 80u Date (AiAF) [zoom 38-80mm] (№8405914)
Film: Svema KN-5D (release date: Jan 1991), cinema film negative B/W
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