• Sagrada Família de Gaudí (Barcelona)

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  • Hakimbo iconic face pose

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    I really like Hakimbo @hakimbo05 iconic face pose. Look like releasing the stressfull of daily life. But it's impossible for shyness and calmly guy like me to do that at crowded public. So I choose this unpopular place at very hot sun at the first day of September

  • Recently...

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    ...there are so many like for this old photo. Can you tell me where do you see this photo? I really wanna know

  • The Sea Salt Experience

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    I used this film with my fisheye with submarine case. Unfortunately, my submarine had some water leaks and the salted seawater came inside the camera and the film... When I gave it to my usual lab, they told me they couldn't process it as the film was wet... :( So I waited for a solution and let the film like that, unprocessed, in my room. After a month, I noticed that some strange signs of corrosion were to seen on the film canister, and thought that perhaps there was something interesting happening inside! But how could I process it??? And there I thought that this could interest Mr LabRat himself: Mandi! I wrote him and asked if he could process the film for me. And finally, almost 3 months after being shot, after a long maturation time and some special treatment to dry and process it, the pictures are here! Thanks a lot Mandi! ;)

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  • flower garden

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    Photo of the Day 2013-03-04 Thank you! Lomography Asia