Hi! Im Alejandro from Argentina! (español, english, french or portugues)

I work filming classical music here in Buenos Aires with my production company called Maseret Visuals. (You can search my work if you want on YouTube or Instagram @maseretvisuals).
After that im music student on conservatory and i write poetry and other things. I love the good cinema of all the world like Lynch, Kubrick, Croemberg, Kurosawa, Kieślowski, Godard and etc, etc, etc. You got it, right?

The analog photography make me feel like if i was doing magic on this modern time (or something like that, and its like a... go to the gym for the eye for someone who work with the image like me. I like to see the work of other people with no judgment, if i saw sculptures made with light. But... personally i like the B&W and the weird things, because the right life doesn't mean beautiful for me.

I like to meet people from the world, so... speak to me if you want.

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