• Vanishing XPRO point

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    Battlefield homemade pinhole camera. Xpro Velvia 50 pushed@100 Xpro Astia 100F Xpro Provia 100

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  • Fig Tree

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    Just love the grace and wisdom of this tree.

  • apocalypso

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  • Photokina 2010

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    During the photokina 2010, the Hasselblade booth offers to photographers to try out their cameras and to shoot some great models. Luckily, also lots of other photographers around (like me) had the possibility to take some picturs with their own cameras! I went there many times to see all the models in different dresses and love the results with Diana. The scenerie was done by the photograph Tom Hagemeyer from France.

  • BKSPicture

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    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

  • experiment

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  • is there a ghost?

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    inspired by a photoshoped picture i saw on tumblr i thought i could probably do this in an analogue way. my first try but it didn´t turn out the way the other pic was - but hey, this is analogue not photoshop. anyway i really like the ghost shot a lot. many thanks to a guy named flo (and his girlfriend) who passed by at the puddle and helped me taking this double.

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  • Pengemis musiman di malam takbiran

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    Beggar who come at big moment such as couple day of Ramadhan month, the fasting month for moslem all over the world. This photo was taken at the last night of Ramadhan month (in Bahasa Indonesia we called the night as Malam Takbiran) --- Most Popular Photo last year on September-4-2012 --- One of Top Photos for September 2012 at

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  • St Paul's cathedral

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  • #blackandwhite #filmphotographyday2015

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  • Chile - Squares

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  • my regular walk

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    I leave house, walk by the river to the Tower bridge and Tower of London, stop at Starbacks for tall Cappuccino take away, walk to Monument, take a picture of Cheese-grater building on the other side of the river, check out House of Fraser, and walk back home.

  • Hiru

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    ¿Es un pájaro? ¿Un avión? Mitad murciélago, mitad chihuahua... ¡Todo un bicho!

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    Of clouds and power lines...and the mild Spring breeze....we are connected.....somehow....somehow.....(or so I wish for)

  • Looking down the stars of the Monument

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    This has become my most liked photo, thanks everyone! I can still remember the moment when I took the photo, leaning the camera on the edge of the rail for stability and hearing the satisfying second click as the shutter closed. I remember wondering if it would turn out, I didn't expect this; These are the moments that make me LOVE film.

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    As the weeks went by, my love for her became an obsession, as is the nature of unrequited love. I spent every penny I had on her, trying to delay the inevitable. I had always naively believed that money couldn’t buy love and it hurt me to admit that, had I been richer she would stay with me longer. But there would come a time when even money couldn’t buy her, like a flame that burned too bright she couldn’t last. So I became an amateur meteorologist, studying the horizon like an anxious parent watching their child take their first, faltering steps, looking for cloud formations and changes in the wind, trying desperately to make the most of our time together. But the happiness I felt in her presence was now tinged with sadness as I could feel her slipping away.

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  • Bai Tong my Niece ^,^

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    playing with the Splitzer and the Wide Angle lens

  • Shadows SubH2O

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  • Fisherman's team work On the go to the ocean

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    @ Batu Karas beach, Parigi, Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia

  • Bandung Carnival Land

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    Why this is my favorite lomograph? Because its simply like life, we go through all the motion and enjoy it!

  • Beelitz-Heilstätten (abandoned hospital)!!!!!!!

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    picture number 2000! yeah!

  • 1st time with the Spinner. Still learning.

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  • random photos

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    random photos @ Bologna

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  • Last carnival in Tabay, Mérida

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    It was an awesome trip, freedom, nature, friends. Also, my first Fuji Provia 100F X PRO :).

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    Shots taken at the various sites of the Zeche Zollverein area in Essen. I haven't been there for many years and now it is more like a museum than an abandoned plant. Things change.

  • Fireworks

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    Fireworks at the 2012 Calgary Stampede

  • Harbour stroll pt. 3

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    Rickmer Rickmers

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    Seitz Roundshot from the 80s is great, but Motorized Spinner is cheaper, and from a technical Point of View the Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree, does it?

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