Expired 120mm 50ISO

The chinese seller on Taobao wrote that this film was not kept in the refrigerator and when he gave it a try and processed E6 was not satisfied, so he wrote that buyers that want that film may do it at their own risk. I overexpose the film and processed C41. I like it, but a bit sad for the white dots that came from the labs and not from the film. Also the last picture has problem: is totally dirty ... I don't know how to clean it ... I'm afraid to erase the photo during cleaning work ...

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    never heard about this film...<:)

  2. certo-sl100
    certo-sl100 ·

    It's an old film from East Germany. I think this was a import film for China. I used this film for any years ago on my lomo. Very interesting!

  3. certo-sl100
    certo-sl100 ·

    Here is an old Orwo Chrom UT 21 C -41 processed from user vicuna. Expired 1991.

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