Old Round Church in Ortho

Took the 4x5 view camera out so that it can teach me on how many mistakes I can make in one day. I managed to get a few shots but blew some good ones because my film didn't load right in my holders. I was invited inside to shoot the interior of the Old Round Church in Richmond, Vermont but by then I had blew through my film. I can't seem to get my red filter shots or my IR shots to work out even though I opened up at least four stops. I really need to practice on my zone systems.

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  1. earlz
    earlz ·

    You won't get any response with Ortho Litho from red or IR filters because it's Ortho film, meaning it is not red sensitive. It can be developed under red safelight

  2. jamescat22
    jamescat22 ·

    @earlz Hi, thanks for your reply...what I was trying to say is that the other films I shot in my other holders, pan chromatic with a red filter, and IR film with an 89B filter, didn't come out but my Ortho film shots, shot with a yellow filter, worked on that day. I change filters according to what film I have in a particular holder, a nice feature of one-at-a-time large format view camera photography. You are quite right about your comments about how to use Ortho film and I was well aware of how to work with it which is how I got this shot. I've later found that the reason I was having trouble with my IR films was that the developing time quoted on the box is double what I should have been using (apparently there is a difference between Rodinal R09 and just plain Rodinal). I was never shooting Ortho with a red or IR filter. Sorry about the confusing language in my description.

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