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  • Light House and Scrap Yard

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    Alberta Lomo Meeting in Sylvan Lake. Thanks @weedos, @yyyhorn, @louzislouz, @lovely7, Ang, Jake, Dayna.

  • Rainbow Love

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    Used a mask in my fish eye a little grainy but like it.

  • Purplelled

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    I shot more than 1200 pics this summer and these here are the only ones I like. Actually, I don't even like them all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway I am taking a break and see you all back in october. For urgent matters, fun or other stuff, drop me a line on facebook, the name is the same

  • 1st La Sardina

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    My first roll with La Sardina.

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  • Green Filter

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    I went on this mini-trip to Argentina and forgot to remove the green filter I had on my Horizon, Since I didn't take the other filter, I couldn't remove it. This is what it looks like when you use a redscale film and a green filter together. I like it. :)

  • Follow her down to a bridge

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    NO PHOTOSHOP - Kodak EIR (color infrared) Aerochrome film (E6 process) in a Holga 120 N camera with a Tiffen Yellow 12 filter.

  • Psychedelicious

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    After shooting a film, take it into a dark room and open the film. Then sprinkle hot water filled with baking soda all around on the film, with flicking my fingers. Rewind it and put into a pan and pour water, and boiled it for about 5 minutes. Rinse and dry, and cross-deveop it. Done! This psychedelic result is not what I expected. I will cook some more anyway =)

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  • Black Swan 1

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