Newbie. 100 % amateur. French. 💙💛 Supporting Ukraine.

📷 Film SLR cameras : Canon EOS 3000, Carena S-2000, Konica Autoreflex TC, Minolta X-300, Minolta Dynax 300si, Minolta 110 Zoom SLR, Petri MF-1, Revueflex SC-2
📷 Film compact or special cameras : Canon Prima Zoom 115u II, Fuji Instax 90 Mini Neo Classic, Kodak Ektra 22, Konica Pop & Konica Pop Mini, Lomography Fisheye Baby, Lomography Sprocket Rocket, Rollei Prego 70
📷 Mirrorless camera : Samsung NX-1000 with 16mm F2.4 pancake lens.

🎞 Films : Lomochrome 135 or 110, diverse expired films, and generally : whatever I find, since it's getting difficult to find affordable color films 😠.

22/04/2022 : Lomohome of the week (totally unexpected! 😅)…
I have an Insta but I don't go there very often, sorry

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