Exploring the Garage - Lomokino Film

Every year I go to this same cottage in Wisconsin and take the same pictures of the garage. This year I changed it up by shooting a shot film with the Lomography Lomokino 35mm movie camera. I used a Vivitar 285 flash attached to an "L" bracket which held the lomokino. The bracket gives more stability to the small camera. The film used was 2 rolls of Fujichrome Sensia RH 400 which expired in 1997. I cross-processed the film in Tetenal C-41 Colortec chemistry.

As your might notice there are red dots all over the film! I have never seen this kind of deterioration on a film before except for this Sensia 400. Other rolls from the same batch showed the same random red dots. Also, if you look at the histogram in photoshop you will see that there is almost no data in the blue channel. Very strange indeed but I like the results! That's lomography for ya!

Scanning was done on an Epson V700 (with no corrections) and levels and curves were adjusted in photoshop. The movie was created using Kinocut and Windows Moviemaker software.

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  1. trw
    trw ·

    I like the red dots. It sort of reminds me of a revolog film. I think I've seen something like it before on the site, but I can't remember where. Maybe I'll try a research project...

  2. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    @trw I've heard of that revolog film before where it comes pre-exposed with various patterns. but why buy special film when I have this lovely polka-doted film!