Former newspaper reporter-photographer and relic of the Gernsback continuum. I own many, many cameras in various states of repair. I shoot most often with an Agat 18K half-frame, Minolta SRT-101 fitted with a 50 mm 1.4, or a Kiev 6C. Also very fond of my Lubitel 2 and Yashica 635. The oldest camera I use regularly is a 1907 Kodak Brownie. I have a couple of large format cameras - a Crown Graphic and a Calumet Rail camera - but I have yet to smoothly master their use!

Historically, I mostly shot on Arista EDU Ultra 400 for 35mm. It's affordable and flexible enough for indoor and outdoor shooting. Recently I've been using Ilford HP5+ after finding some bulk rolls on sale at my local camera shop. When I know I'm going to be shooting at night or indoors, I pick up a couple of rolls of Ilford Delta 3200. When I shoot 120, it's often on Shanghai GP3 100 or low grain Iford stock(FP4 and Delta 100). Large format is generally Shanghai for two reasons - first, it's cheap. Second, my Crown Graphic uses oddball 3x4 sheets and only Shanghai seems to sell those.

I develop with a tank and D76 in my kitchen sink. Have yet to make the leap to colour processing at home.

I'm in it for the fun of the hobby and the occasional bit of beauty that shows up. I'm the first to admit my photography is haphazard. I like getting into odd places and recording them - I attend a lot of fannish conventions just for the sake of getting photos of people in costume. And, if I see a protest or a rally I try to get right into the middle of things - a holdover from my days as a roving reporter.

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