Ok, so something's not right with the developing, I seem to have a a persistent problem with banding and odd patches on the negatives though I think I *may* have figured out why. Nevertheless, I offer these for scrutiny :) The smaller of the open books is an Active Service New Testament , 1914 -1915 that belonged to my great-grandfather (I think, a relative at any rate). Its in poor shape, eaten by bugs, dry, and fading but it is over 100 years old and was probably in worse places than my bookshelf so all in all it's a miracle that it's survived at all. I'm going to use it again and try to do it and g-g-f justice next time.

Minolta X-300
Kodak Tri-X 400
Minolta 50mm f/1.7
First efforts at still life

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  1. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    I like the results! What are you using, was the tri x fresh?

  2. sandersoftheriver
    sandersoftheriver ·

    @charliedontsurf Tri X was fresh, I used Paranol, again freshly squeezed. I have a feeling I'm spooling the film incorrectly in the Minolta X300. When take the film out of the canister and load it onto the developing reel the film feels sort of reversed - as though it's been rolled the wrong way. I've noticed it before and it doesn't sit well on the reel. I keep getting dark bands on the negatives but don't seem to get these with other cameras and nothing has changed in my developing - I do everything the same way for all cameras and films. So I've loaded another film and will test the results. Exciting, huh!

  3. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    Those pesky minoltas heh?