• LaLa LAnd (In an Instant...;-)

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    I had the MOST AMAZING TRIP to LA!!!!! The ultimate highlight was the photo-walk with mom and @grazie!!!! I have no words for how awesome this trip was!!!! I hadn't been to Venice Beach in 12 years, and it was even more wonderful than I'd remembered. And, Santa Monica was pretty special all on its own!!! I can't wait to go back, shoot, meet wonderful (and colorful) people and have great food (and drinks)!!!!! (p.s. @grazie is just as beautiful inside and out in person as she comes across here on the site...;-). XX, Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tsoelala

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  • First time with my new Zenit 122 + Helios 44-4…

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  • Same same but difflent

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    Aerochrome expired 2011. EIR expired 2002. With the Aerochrome I used red, orange and yellow filters. With the EIR I stuck to Orange. Strange I got more saturated colours with the 10 year old film.

  • Same same but difflent

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    Aerochrome expired 2011. EIR expired 2002. With the Aerochrome I used red, orange and yellow filters. With the EIR I stuck to Orange. Strange I got more saturated colours with the 10 year old film.

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  • Lomography black out

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    It's crazy but I only just finished this role of film from my christmas holiday in Thailand when I was in Ibiza for my grad trip a few weeks ago! I guess you could say I had a serious Lomography black out. The pictures are taken with the "new" color x-pro sunset strip film and too be honest I am not very excited about it... nothing special really. Enjoy!

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    There was some smoke in the air from the fire in the San Jacinto mountains when I shot these which changes the color of the sky. I love how it creates almost a diorama effect in some of the shots. I could have framed some of these better. I'm going to just have to go back.

  • BKSPicture

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    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

  • mermaids part II

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    I took these pics during a lazy summer afternoon spent in Francesca's pool. Both me and Adele were supposed to leave home in few days and we spent the whole day talking about our worries and expectations about our forthcoming experiences (in the UK for me, in the Netherlands for her). As soon as I saw the outcome of the session I was seriously impressed about how our talking affected their expressions in these pics. I felt like there was some kind of melancholic mood in the air... that's the reason behind the album title.

  • Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 + Kiev 88

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  • oceanbeach road

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    my sandy streets

  • Kiev 88 + Fuji T64 Pro

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  • Highway 1

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    500 G has been a great little on the go camera. I was using an old Minolta Flash meter; until that had a fate with floor one day. Since then I've Neglected the 500 G.

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    Stephan thanks sweetie for everything and for your patient too hahahah ❤❤❤ i think that everybody know Stephan =D but if you dont know him pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee check out his incredible home!!!!!

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  • Portrait

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    Fuji Velvia 100f developed E6

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    Grazie!!!! thank u so much for this film!!!! i used in special place ;) ❤❤❤

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  • Ricoh 500 G & Film RedScale HOMEMADE

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  • Doubles with sobetion

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    Después del escaneado profesional, estos son los resultados. Usé un filtro naranja. After scanning professional, these are the results. I used an orange filter.

  • Doubles with opon21 #2

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    Ahh, some pulled photos. The EV range is short on the 35-ME so even at low speed it's possible to overexpose.

  • Bare tree in blossom

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    ISO200(tree) and ISO400(flowers)

  • Doubles with 134340 #3

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    LOMO LC-A | Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Colours 100 (EBX) I would really like to thank everyone who had participated in this HUNTERLOC. We named it 'Cowboy Style'. There are less things to write, let the photos convey the stories behind our moments!

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  • blossom

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    Shot five times, with a selfmade splitzer for Holga.

  • Red Buckwheat field

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    Mt. Houkendake, the highest peak in the Central Alps Mountain Range, Nagano. 2,931m.

  • Doubles with ediblestrange #1

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    Check out her amazing lomohome here -

  • welcome to the jugle

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    urban city

  • Looking Up

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    Some were color scanned and some were scanned as black and white.