Karl Marx

Belka USA + Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400
Karl Marx monument in Moscow monument of gray granite, erected in honor of the founder of Marxism, an activist of the international Communist movement Karl Marx in Moscow on the Theatre square. Sculptor — Lev Kerbel, architects — R. A. Begun, N. A. Kovalchuk, V. G. Makarevich, V. M. Morgulis. Opened on 29 October 1961.
The inscription on the monument: «Proletarians of all countries, unite!»
The monument, weighing 160 tons and are made of monolithic blocks of gray granite quarried near Dnepropetrovsk. Lev Kerbel for the creation of the monument was awarded the Lenin prize in 1962, it is Known that the actress F. G. Ranevskaya at the time was called the monument to Marx, "a refrigerator with a beard".

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