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The fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue released its first issue in 1892. Since then, there have been numerous personalities who have graced the covers of the magazine. On 4 of their issues, they chose to feature the art of Salvador Dali.

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Salvador Dali was known for his surreal paintings. Apart from being a painter, he was also a draftsman. He used symbolism in his works and there were objects that he often used, for instance elephants and eggs. He also dabbled in making sculptures, shooting photos and contributing in the different areas of the fashion industry.

In fashion, Salvador Dali worked closely with the fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Schiaparelli hired Dali to create a dress with a lobster print. Apart from that, he also created a shoe-shaped hat and a belt, perfume bottles and designs for textiles. Not a lot of people know that Salvador Dali also made contributions to the fashion magazine Vogue. Vogue is known to have models and other famous personalities on their covers.

For four of their issues, Vogue used the art of Salvador Dali. Anyone who is familiar with his works can immediately see his style on the cover illustrations. The first cover from December 1938 shows two women, one with a bouquet of flowers as her head and the other woman seems to have branches for hair. The second cover, released in April 1944, again shows some flowers and branches. The third cover was a Christmas edition released in December 1946 and the last one again was a Christmas edition released in December 1971. For the last magazine cover that he made for Vogue, Salvador Dali also acted as an editor for the issue.

You can view the four Vogue covers below:

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Information for this article was taken from The Primary Planet and Wikipedia - Salvador Dali.

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