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He is a lomographer full of sensibility and exquisite perception, a lomoarch with a good eye for authentic compositions and mad doubles. He appraises what surrounds him, he sure knows what he’s talking about and what he’s doing. Here you go, the next super creative LomoArch: srmarcus!

Credits: srmarcus

srmarcus never had doubts about seeing himself as an architect in the future. He got trapped in this lomoNet and the non perfection about analogue photography. For him, both architecture and lomography ease free expression and he approaches an interesting and impertinent subject, a fight that both arts have in common against the monster called: digital.

Catalans are one of the most creative people that I’ve ever met, Srmarcus is no exception. In his photos we can find perspectives and façades, faces and emotions. There’s something underneath each layer that gives them a certain humanity. This leads us to the eternal link between arch/man/photography. He also has a weakness for square formats, with Holga120S and the Lubitel 166B he finds harmony for his lomoArchs. He likes to organize mental series about different types of architecture and he has a passion for a special deconstructive architecture studio. He is indeed a “Sir” in our small world named lomoArch.

What -alia -- likes most are the striking compositions rich in details.

Credits: srmarcus

Let’s move on to the article’s nectar and get delighted with this LomoArch responses.

Name: Marc Camallonga
LomoHome: srmarcus
Location: Barcelona
Lomographer since: with intensity, since 2009
Architect since: 1999

Can you make a short resume of yourself as a Lomographer as well as an Architect?

Since I was a child I told my parents I wanted to be an architect. Why? The truth I do not know, but I always had it clear and finally I’m an architect. Now, knowledge from different disciplines and teamwork that architecture holds is what I’m interested in. Human treatment day by day.
Technology and analogue work: The architect’s work develops between these two extremes continuously, from the concept to the construction of the building.

Since 2007 I have had the chance to develop my career with two friends in SUMO Architects, our architecture’s office based in Barcelona so I can manage my time and my interests by myself. Which brings me to talk about me as a lomographer. Lomography has allowed me to rediscover my old analog cameras. They awake a passion in me that takes me all day. I always carry with one or two cameras and am thinking of “projects” to take photos of. My office’s desk is full of cameras and negatives to use.

Why are you in this LomoWorld seeing as you are an Architect?

Regardless of my profession, I am a person with a lot of concerns. And the Lomographic movement attracts me because it has no limits. You can be as creative as you want, from creation or destruction. I’m really here, because in 2009 I was bored with digital photography perfection (and started to look for better lenses that cost a lot of money!). At home we had several toy cameras, a Holga 120S, an Actionsampler, and a Fisheye1, and I decided to give them another chance. Since then, I have not stopped, and finally, thanks to cohetesnaranjas, I started to use my LomoHome intensely. Since then, looking for others work with similar interests has been a source of constant inspiration.

How do you see Lomography and Architecture bonded?

The two disciplines are an act of creation. It’s what I was saying about my interest. Both Architecture and Lomography allow free expression. Architecture of course with more restrictions, but both allow me to express what I want, each with its terms.

Credits: srmarcus

Which camera and film best portrays your Architecture visions? Why?

Indeed, until now, Holga120S with Lomography CN 400asa. It is the combination that I use the most and with which I got magic images. I have also used the Provia100F and I loved the results obtained. I recently purchased a second hand Lubitel 166B, and I’ve had time to see that it’s going to be perfect for architectural photography. I am especially attracted to 6×6 format cameras for architectural photography and with the possibility of double exposures, one of my passions, mixing architecture with everything. The Horizon Perfekt is my next goal, I hope someday to photograph with it.

Ending, simple questions demand simple answers. What Architect and building did/would you prefer to take Lomographs of?

Ufff… difficult question. Although the answer is simple. I like to take photos of any architecture. All of them could result in amazing pictures. In fact, I like to create “mental” series with the pictures I’m doing of ordinary buildings.

I have a series, which I call “Anonymous Architects” with photographs of the corners of the Eixample of Barcelona (Chamfers), all of them built by not well known architects, but with a wealth of compositions and spectacular design. In “New Architectures”, I imagine new buildings as a result of double or triple exposures. More conventional architecture photographs, I put directly in the “Architecture” box. Recently, I have walked a lot by the Gas Natural Office Tower and by the “Mercat de Santa Caterina” both by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue, and it is really amazing how photogenic this work is. If I had to pick a team, it would be them. All the work of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue/EMBT: “www.mirallestagliabue.com”: www.mirallestagliabue.com.

Credits: srmarcus

Liliana de Sousa- is living as a foreigner around the world since 2004 but is originally from Portugal. She’s an architect with the will of sharing nowadays architecture through lomographers eyes. Read more about Just Another Lomoarch series here.

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    Yeah! Nice job you two! :-) Grande Li..... and I need to check out my colleague @srmarcus!

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    @artichekt thank you* yeah, you should :)

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    excelente!!! otro colega :D, un saludo Marc!
    gran trabajo @-alia-

  4. srmarcus
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    Yeah! Thanks so much @articheckt and @qrro for your comments! and @-alia- for your excellent work with this architects series!

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    uala @smarcus que guai! felicitats, i quin honor sortir per aquí :)

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    jeje aquesta obsessió arquitetònica m'és familiar :)

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    Me parece que esta será de mis series favoritas
    los LomoArquitectos <3

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    @le_ors que honor <3

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