Before the railway stop

Started the day to Bukit Timah Railway. The day was not to be as it rained and the sun we came to see didnt rise. The cold day and sun-less day affected most of the pictures. It was my first time using the Recesky TLR and everything was a blur, literally. The planking shots I set out to take for the competition was such a disappointment. We trekked the tracks as the soles of my old nike air rift start to peel off. We exited at Holland Road and took a wrong turn. We walked and walked and wowed at all the humongous houses that will take us eons to earn. Some time later we got on a cab and it u-turned to the way we exited. At Tanjong Pagar Railway, my trusty Holga took better pictures. We walked around and went to the abandoned tracks. Finally my soles gave way as we went back to the station. Had the famous ramly burger before we call it a day.

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