Wacky experiments with color films and afga rodinal!

Just made this wacky thing... I found some old agfa rodinal , ilford fixer and ilford wetting agent and decided to "no rule developing" an old color film i had over here.

This was my procedure:
0 - there are no temperature limits. Tap water just as it comes (it happens it was cold)
1- 1minute with 1:40 wetting agent, shake it (invert the tank and so on)
2- wash it up with tap water
3- 11minutes with rodinal 1:50 (water temperature - dunno, maybe 16ºC) - shake it once or twice every 2 min
4- wash it up again with water
5- 3minutes with the fixer 1:4
6- wash it one more time
7- leave it to dry.

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