humble priced film

Melbourne-based photographic services and equipment store Light Leaks came up with this BW film at their store last January. It was a BW film but processed using the usual C-41 color-processing (I just knew such thing exists) no really

I should've bought more since they were selling fast and apparently I didn't get another batch :/ oh well there goes my summer holiday in monotone.

Anyway check out their page at
(not endorsing, just fyi)

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    itu film re-brand apa ada tulisan Light Leaks di klisenya (kaya tulisan fuji di klise fuji, kodka di klise kodak =) ? kalo ada mau dong barter ^_^

  2. poppyprongs
    poppyprongs ·

    @hervinsyah udah nggak ada nih kan keabisan kang HUHUH :''' banjir air mata. Oh iya felemnya bukan re-brand kok hehe emang produknya dia gitu kayanya

  3. fadjaradiputra
    fadjaradiputra ·

    foto yang ini cakep euy.

  4. poppyprongs
    poppyprongs ·

    @fadjaradiputra: wuahu terimakasih :'

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