I always wanted to try to develop slide by myself in x-pro. So when I got a chance to take some checimals for it, I was damn happy. It was fun and exiciting during the process (however I am not going to do it again - too many work, time and patience) but unfortunately results became not as I expected. Too overexposured. I think cus it was my first time and I setted a wrong temperature. And also cus the film was expired.

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  1. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    Have you tried rescanning the negatives with images that are like this? Maybe you can select only that and adjust the way it's scanned to get a better result. I know my software will average it out over a strip and sometimes its off. And I noticed you had some good shots in there too. So that makes me think some of the images either hit the fast speed limit of your shutter in the brightness of the sun, or these just need to be rescanned with exposure locked for them specifically. Might help.

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