I'M BACK!!!! My long haitus was caused by computer troubles with my old Macbook Pro; I finally bought a new one, and can once again upload photos. I am admittedly not the biggest holiday Cheermeister out there, but I did manage to attend the Chicago Christkindlemarkt this year in Pioneer Square (in downtown Chicago). The Christkindlemarkt is put on by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest and the City of Chicago. The name translates to “Christ Child Market,” and is styled after the original Chirstkindlemarkt in Nuremberg, Germany. There was a brief attempt to “Americanize” the name of the festival by calling it the “Chris Kringle Market” for a couple years, but this was not a popular move, and the name was soon changed back to the traditional one. The first Chicago Christkindlmarket opened in 1996, and it has been a yearly tradition ever since. In recent years, Chicago's Christkindlmarket has become the largest Christmas market in the United States, hosting well over 1 million visitors annually. While the name and overall theme of the market is German (and I was able to speak German with a few of the vendors!) they celebrate many cultures, and there are tons of cool world goods to buy there.

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