Floating Market, Lembang suburb above the city of Bandung

My totally failure Ilford SFX ISO 200 b/w infra red film T_T bought this precious film from Darlene Vitri, medical doctor who also famous as a film reseller because her rare item. Stupid me this infra red film are not as easy as "DON'T THINK JUST SHOOT" 8DDD after consultating with my trusted b/w film lab owner @fajaryayat from @hipercatlab he convinced me if I didn't using infra red filter when shoot with infra red film b/w so the incredible infra red effect will not appear. But as an imbecile photosnaper I put my yellow and green filter from my panoramic lomography camera to my lomo lubitel 166+ camera and it ended with dark result without the tree being a white infra red effect 8DDD T_T T0T TOT process at hipercatlab Bandung and re-scan at Chandra Foto Bandung

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