The Lions on Gogolevsky Boulevard

July 15, 2020
Camera: Canon Prima Zoom 80u Date (AiAF) [zoom 38-80mm] (№8405914)
Film: Svema KN-5D (release date: Jan 1991), cinema film negative B/W
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The lions at the new monument to Gogol are left over from the old Andreevsky monument, which moved from here to Nikitsky Boulevard.
Architect: N.A. Andreev
Manufacturer: Erich Wheeler's factory.
Time of appearance in Moscow: 1909.
Lanterns with lions appeared in 1909, when a monument by the sculptor N. Andreev was unveiled on the Arbat Gate Square on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Nikolai Gogol. In the 1950s, this monument "moved" to Gogol's grave in the Donskoy Monastery, and then to the courtyard of a house on Nikitsky Boulevard, where the writer lived his last years. A Soviet monument by the sculptor Tomsky was installed in the old place, but the lanterns and other architectural elements remained from the pre-revolutionary monument.

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