Rolls number 3 and 4 with my Yashica Mat! I am soooo excited with this camera!! More rolls from my vacation coming really soon!

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  1. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    Cool, elements of an Americana museum, including a Route 66 sign.

  2. marluusje
    marluusje ·


  3. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    @neufotomacher @marluusje @lomo_analogue_film Thank you so much everyone!!

  4. mike1allison
    mike1allison ·

    @fisheyemary I'm so jealous for you YashicaMat. I've been trying to justify one for so long. Your pics are so rich and beautiful. I've been editing mine all day and they are so muted, etc that yours just explode with color and depth, but I have a hunch they do anyway. I love this set! Great job.

  5. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    @mike1allison Thank you for appreciating!! I don't edit my analog shots (only minor things like straightening horizons, or, sometimes, a little bit of contrast, if needed). On the other hand, I always edit my digital stuff to look like analog ha ha!! It's very sunny here in Greece right now, so I'm getting all the light I need!

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