Snorkeling at Playa de los Muertos

This beach is a paradise, the water is so clear.. Tried to shoot with Krab and LC-Wide ..this are the best shots out of 3 rolls. I´m very happy with the results!

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  1. belaf
    belaf ·

    amazing shot!

  2. driko
    driko ·

    crazy your photos!!

  3. lenire
    lenire ·

    this photo is tons of fun

  4. triky76
    triky76 ·

    wowowwww very beautiful album

  5. paulm99
    paulm99 ·


  6. paulm99
    paulm99 ·


  7. ccwu
    ccwu ·


  8. karim_d_ghantous
    karim_d_ghantous ·

    That light is just beautiful. Well done!

  9. sirio174
  10. ritz_as
    ritz_as ·

    amazing album)

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