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  1. singleelderly
    singleelderly ·

    very lovely! : D
    And congratulations! LC-A is a great camera. Your first roll is great, and will be greater in the coming rolls!

  2. tskotcher
    tskotcher ·


  3. fergiesilva
    fergiesilva ·


  4. patorayado
    patorayado ·

    wooowww great work! nice colors and focusing! It doesn't look like LCA!!!

  5. domemerson
    domemerson ·

    Congrats for your new cam. Very cool photos.

  6. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·


  7. estelletse
    estelletse ·

    I'm glad you finally got your LC-A! Lovely pics of the boys!

  8. mariefisen
    mariefisen ·

    Also very beautiful!

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