Ski Weekend in the Southern Alps

Small ski trip in Isola 2000, in the Southern Alps. Not much snow when we came, but we still enjoyed a bit of skiing.

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  1. hanibale
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    good double

  2. sweetyyydreams
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    @hanibale: thanks!

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    @he-mo: YAYYYY! Thanks to you too for being my 100th like!

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    Thank you!

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  8. nafamoss
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    good job! =)

  9. raylemon
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    great =)

  10. adash
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    Cool! (199th like)

  11. sweetyyydreams
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    @adash yay! thanks for contributing today towards this milestone! @pauline_wildwind, @phoenix1206, @andrejrusskovskij and @raylemon; and Thanks (and congrats!) @aanum for being my 200th like!

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    @sweetyyydreams: you are welcome

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