I filled my hand luggage with two heavy, all metal mechanical cameras with a combined age of over 80 and as much black and white film as the bag could take. I hauled it from Scotland to #India, then from the south to the north.
I like collecting and using old cameras and lenses. I love the sense that someone before me has looked through the viewfinder and seen the world in their own way. There is something, maybe to do with their age or the precise mechanics that gives them a personality. They almost become my friends. I love the process of analogue photography and the time it takes to develop the film and produce an image... It is not instant.

So often in the streets of India I would take someone’s picture and straight away they would ask me to turn the camera around to see their photo on a digital screen. I disappointed so many children when all they saw was the leather and chrome back of my #Minolta. They couldn’t quite understand why the image was not instant.

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