I posted my favourite cross-processed shots of home the other day, which inspired me to give it a go in Kenya…

Cross process or Xpro is shooting on slide film (E6) and developing it as regular colour film (C41). It produces surprising and irregular results… I’m still to master it.

I took the film to the photoshop I use to develop any colour film I shoot here in Nairobi. I sneakily covered up the labels of the films with stickers, hoping the lab would not know the difference between the C41 and E6 films I’d handed in. They did notice and so I explained what I wanted. They had never heard of cross processing and were intrigued to see the results once I told them what to expect. I also told them how popular it is amongst the Lomography community. I have three Kodak Elitechrome films with me here and at 200 Kenyan Shillings or £1.50 for developing I might just give it another try.

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    @hervinsyah thanks....and thanks for stopping by...

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    powerful image!

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    great shot!!

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