Typha (Senegal #1)

The last half year was a whirlwind with quite a few travels and little time to upload albums. One of the journeys took me to Senegal. Here I met Mamadou, who is an environmentalist and promotes Typha. An invasive reet-plant, that could be used also as insulation material in the construction sector. Mamadou loves Typha. Also to be seen is Albert, our driver to Saint-Louis.

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  1. ao1973
    ao1973 ·

    I love this

  2. guypinhas
    guypinhas ·

    Wow! Just wow! What a great great shot!

  3. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @ao1973 @guypinhas Thank you guys - also love the contrast on this one. it´s always a grand question where does one look to and where is the sun :)

  4. guypinhas
    guypinhas ·

    @wil6ka Let me know if you ever make darkroom prints of this, would deffo buy one of you.

  5. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    thats sweet @guypinhas I will come back to you about it :) have a great new year 2022!

  6. guypinhas
    guypinhas ·

    @wil6ka You too :)

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