a Lomochrome Purple got exposed at a graveyard, then got a hot bath in a filmsoup followed by a solid drying period.
Before the next exposure it got turned around into redscale just to be turned again to it's normal side for the final third exposure.
The camera I used is a Yashica FR 1 and the ASA settings I adjusted according to the project:
Exposure no. 1: 400 ASA
Exposure no. 2: 100 ASA
Exposure no. 3: 400/200 ASA
It got developed like a 200 ASA film.

In short:
That's a souped, triple exposed, EBS Lomochrome Purple full of faith.
And I am in awe about the results.
Beautiful chaos full of uncertainties - pure life!
In regard to philosophy of my artwork this is one of the most profound films I ever created. May it will be followed by many! :)

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