Baby Scale (Chernobyl #34)

Dipping deeper in the heart of the abandoned hospital in Pripyat after the nuclear disater. The most touching elements were around the pedatric department with single standing baby scales and the cradles for the new borns....

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  1. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·


  2. martincastro
    martincastro ·

    Stunning pic showing appalling consequences of a disaster... Kudos to you.

  3. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    Love this, on so many levels!

  4. needle76
    needle76 ·

    That TV show!!! :)
    Love this one!!! Really nice shot! 👌
    This album is amazone with this particular atmosphere.

  5. wil6ka
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