Horn Please ... We're King of the Road.

There is a local joke about horns. Trucks here are painted very brightly with all sorts of pictures. Sometimes the cab is highly decorated like a Christmas tree with drivers peering through the tinsel. On the back of trucks and buses, there is usually a message to remind drivers coming up the rear to toot their horns to allert the driver to their presence – rear mirrors are a fixture to tie your tinsel to rather than a device to see behind you. So the message hand painted on the back of trucks and buses is “Horn Please” and as well “Pheri Betaula” which means ‘see you again’ in Nepali. So the joke goes as that if you are saying good bye to someone, instead of saying ‘see you again’, you can joke, ‘Horn Please’! . . . Credit by : Mark and Ali Gill . . . keep your distance and don’t bump me ! Horn Please ;-)

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