my alltime best LC-W shot so far. testing the LC-W

i now shot 4 or 5 rolls (about 150 shots) with this cam but only got few sharp/crisp pictures. - less than 40%. this roll is OK compared to the ones before. but having a look at the LC-W photo collection of LSI i have to say that even my sharpest shot is far from being as sharp as the ones shown there. pretty often there is such a blurry unsharp soup on the pics.
i even tested the cam with an inch rule and did only get one crisp shot with the exact setting. take a look at the last shot of the album: there are several layers and one of them has to be sharp due to the settings. but no.

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  1. -l
    -l ·

    Just an idea, but don't you sharpen your scans? Depending on the scanner's hardware there might be some more differences possible, but sharpening makes a lot. And don't think, pictures for advertising the lc-w have been left as they were after the scan... ;-)

  2. sadiestoker
    sadiestoker ·

    excellent shot!!!

  3. hafenperle
    hafenperle ·

    Tolle Stimmung! <3

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