Argentina #11 - Cementerio de la Recoleta

On July 27, 2023, we had on the program a visit to the famous Recoleta cemetery (Cementerio de la #Recoleta), where Eva Duarte Péron, the charismatic wife of former President Péron, is buried. I find that the cemetery is too mineral. I fought again with my Fujica GS 645, and I also decided to use a film that had expired 20 years ago, a Fujicolor 160S, which tore in the camera. With the help of @grandphilippe, we managed to get it started again, and some photos finally came out of the adventure! There is some waste, but the result, very much on red tones (two photos come out with green tones, and one with a dominant blue), is ultimately not bad at all.

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