This camera was given beautiful new re leather bellows and a complete CLA by Certo6 here in the US. For US folding camera collectors, Jurgen Kreckel in PA is the go to guy for repairing and refurbishing folding cameras. Sooner or later you will run into him on Ebay or through Google searches. He did a marvelous job on this one and has fixed numerous other cameras for for the location of this roll, the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen is an amazing spot. The owner is a guy named Richard and he built these amazing sculpture gardens as a tribute to his three daughters, and in particular to one of his daughters who died tragically several years ago. He runs a cast iron stove repair business and is a dedicated junk collector so the gardens (which are open to the public) are a fantastic combination of old iron, monumental stonework and whimsical creations of all sorts. It's a colorful place and a he's a very interesting artist. There is even a small stone amphitheater on the property and notable musicians such as Arlo Gutherie have given small intimate concerts here.

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